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The Truth About "Eat Stop Eat". Does This Diet 
Stand Up to the Hype?

Find out the truth behind the most cutting edge weight loss program on the Internet and whether or not it can help you lose weight, and if it's actually safe to use at all...

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Since you hit this page, I'm assuming you want to learn more about Eat Stop Eat.

In case you this is your first time reading about Eat Stop Eat, this review will catch you up to speed.

I want to warn you first. I'm a bit biased. I run a high traffic blog that gets hundreds of thousands of visitors per month. This is the diet that is working the best for me as well as many of the readers of my blog. It works equally well for men and women.

However, this product isn't perfect. Keep reading...


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-How it All Started 
-The Fasted State 
-The Disappearance of the Fasted State 
-Forget Everything You Have Ever Read About Fasting 
-Fasting and Your Metabolism 
-Fasting and Exercise 
-Fasting and Your Muscle Mass 
-Fasting and Hunger 
-The Health Benefits of Fasting
-The Eat Stop Eat Way of Life
-Eat Stop Eat Conclusions 
-Eat Stop Eat Frequently Asked -Questions 

Eat Stop Eat

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Eat Stop Eat is a course which covers a way of eating using 1-2 fasts per week. This type of eating is called "Intermittent Fasting" and is a proven way of rapidly dropping body fat.

The author, Brad Pilon, claims thatt your metabolism won't slow down from fasting and you will not lose muscle. As a matter of fact, he tested this way of eating at University and conducted an entire scientific study on this way of eating.

His research was titled "The Metabolic Effects of Short Periods of Fasting in Humans and its Potential Application in Weight Loss".

Eat Stop Eat is basically an easy-to-read version of the findings of Brad's $10,000 graduate education.

Brad's findings were eye-opening...Not only did people lose weight, they didn't lose an ounce of muscle and their metabolism improved. In addition to that, people experienced an increase in HGH (their natural fat burning hormone).


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After opening the main written guide, I was surpised by how quickly Brad addressed my objections.

The first thing he explains is that every diet is based upon some form of calorie restriction and that it really didn't matter how this was accomplished. That being said...he didn't like the idea of having to stick to such a strict diet plan.

He introduces the idea of flexible intermittent fasting as an unstructured way to lose weight...eating the foods you enjoy without all the obsession behind most diets.

Brad doesn't consider this method of eating a "diet". He also warns people that his ideas are "different" and don't agree with current  nutritonal trends.

I must say, I was drawn into his book right away. I enjoy reading ideas that take an entirely different approach from the norm. I enjoy pioneers who really push the envelope in technology and scientific research.

After this introduction, he explains how he worked as Head of Research and Development for a major supplement company, but walked away from that company in 2006.

He decided to go back to school to complete his graduate education and fast forward to the present...he wrote Eat Stop Eat.

The rest of the book explains what he found to be the most flexible yet effective way to eat and stay lean year round. He references scientific study after scientific study to prove his point (and is extremely skilled at doing so).


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We’ve seen many testimonials on the sales page and even more mixed stories online.

Although that is a decent starting point, I decided to personally give the diet a shot. Within 4 days, I was dropping body fat without any of the typical challenges of dieting.

I was able to go out to eat with my family and friends and eat what I wanted. Obviously I tried to eat healthy the majority of the time, but with this way of eating I didn't need to be obsessed.

A couple of months into the diet, I decided to tell the readers of my site the fantastic results I was getting. Hundreds of people on my site decided to purchase the book and give it a shot.

Eat Stop Eat is working for pretty much everyone who is following it. The one or two fasts per week increase HGH as promised and create a weekly calorie deficit. Because of this, people are getting fantastic results. 

However, unlike some of the stricter calorie counting diets that force rabbit food down your throat all day and night, you don’t feel so restricted and tied down to the plan.

At this stage the results look promising. A further 12 months down the line will be interesting to see how the diet lasts long term like it is supposed to. Note: Brad has been eating this way for over 12 months and claims to be as lean as ever.


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Anybody that has tried the low calorie, low carb, low fat bland diet routines and found it hard to shift weight should pay attention to this one.

There’s nothing complicated or expensive, which we think makes up part of this diet plan’s unique appeal.

This is best suited for people who want to "live a little" while getting great fat loss results. 
Brad  Pilon frowns upon living an unbalanced lifestyle to reach weight loss goals.

People who like unstructured realistic eating plans that fit around their lifestyle with do well with Eat Stop Eat. It is a simple plan that works well.

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No product is perfect, so I'll point out a couple of imperfections with Eat Stop Eat…

This isn't a diet that will allow you to drop 5 pounds per week. There are some extreme diet plans that can get these type of drastic results in short periods of time. The problem with those is that those almost always begin the dreaded yo-yo effect..

Furthermore, It takes a couple of weeks to get used to fasting once or twice per week.

Even though you go up to 24 hours without eating, you do get food everyday. Typically you will stop eating the night before your fast and then continue that fast until dinner the following day.

The first few times you go without food duirng the day, you will get a little bit hungry. This takes a few times through to get used to. The good news is that once you get used to it, it begins to burn even that last little bit of stubborn body fat. 

Also...if you like detailed meal plans telling you exactly what to eat, this may not be for you. This isn't one of those detailed meal-to-meal diets. While I think this is a good thing, I'm sure there are people who like to know exactly what to eat down to the ounce.

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The best thing about this way of eating is that it flat-out works. It works for just about anyone who tries it...people that need to lose 100 pounds -or- people like me, who want to drop those last 5 stubborn pounds that cover up the abs. 

One benefit that I didn't expect was a blast of energy on the days that I fast. It took me two weeks to get used to doing this twice per week, but now I have the most energy on my fasting days.

Another big benefit is saving money. I probably saved more money in food the first week, than what this course cost. 

I also like the flexibility of this way of eating. I can do one or two fasts per week when it is convenient. It doesn't matter what day and it doesn't have to be the same day each week.

Being able to eat nachos on Friday and knowing that I will still look good for the beach the following day is a great feeling. This is the diet that makes it happen.


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Intermittent Fasting is a term that will become more and more well-known as people grasp how powerful this method of eating works at getting people as lean as they desire.

If you think about it, it is probably the way our ancestors ate when we were "hunters and gatherers". It could be the reason why it works for just about anyone who tries it.

In Eat Stop Eat, Brad Pilon spent $10,000 of college tuition and decidated his graduate studies to this one simple approach to losing weight. It works so well, that he decided to write an entire course on the subject. 

Don’t mistake this guide for a "me too" diet course that is so common online. I believe this book will change the way we look at eating as more and more people experience outstanding results.

You do need to make it through your first few fasts, before it becomes easy for you. If you can exercise a little bit of self-discipline when you are starting out, you will lose body fat like clock-work and never look back. 

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