Intermittent Fasting Compared
to Exercise for Weight Loss

Intermittent Fasting has similar effects
on the body as intense exercise

What if you could mimick the effects of exercise without actually exercising? Fasting twice per week has almost the same HGH boosting and fat loss effects as Intense Exercise!

Brad Pilon, made an Ultra-Strong case for intermittent fasting in this video...

Some Things that Fasting and Exercise Have in Common?

  1. Insulin Levels Drop - with both fasting and exercise
  2. Growth Hormone Increases - with both fasting and intense exercise
  3. Free Fatty Acids Released - with both fasting and intense exercise
  4. Increased Fat Burning - with both fasting and intense exercise

Fasting and exercise are VERY similar metabolic states, that both burn fat for fuel. Here is the biggest and almost shocking difference...

The fat burning effects during exercise only last 2-3 hours, while an Eat Stop Eat style fast lasts 24 hours (watch the video...Brad explains it well).

For me it was  a "No brainer" to follow the Eat Stop Eat way of dieting. This strategic way of intermittent fasting was a way to get the same (or better) fat burning effects as adding in 2 additional intense workouts per week.

This is one of the keys to getting really lean. You can only workout so many times per week without overtraining...