A Simple Kettlebell Workout Routine
for Losing Body Fat

"Ramp Up" Fat Loss by
Combining Body Weight Circuits
With Kettlebells

I'm a huge fan of Craig Ballantyne's body weight ciruits, but I like the ability to work the "pulling muscles" (back and biceps)...which is tough to do with just a standard body weight circuit.

What I am doing now is mixing this Kettlebell Workout in with body weight only circuits. The benefit of a standard body weight circuit is that you recover quickly and can do them often for fat burning effect. The kettlebell workouts can't be done quite as often, but work extremely well! I recommend a mix of both of these effective fat burning workouts.

"The 10 x 20 Kettlebell Workout
Body Weight Exercise Circuit"

1) Squat With Kettlebells - 20 reps
2) Pushups (Hands in Front) - 20 reps
3) Kettlebell Swings - 20 reps
4) Walking Lunges - 20 reps per side
5) Single Arm High Pulls - 10 reps per side
6) Mountain Climber - 20 reps
7) One Arm Kettlebell Swing - 10 reps per side
8) Close Grip Pushups - 20 reps
9) Kettlebell One Arm Row - 10 reps per side
10) Stability Ball Leg Curls - 20 reps

Rest 1-2 Minutes and then do it 2 more times

Optional: If you are not wiped out that you can add in 15 minutes of intense cardio on a treadmill or other piece of cardio equpiment.

Again...the nice thing about this workout is that it takes minimal equipment and space. It is in the same spirit of simple body weight circuits in that it is an extremely effective way of increasing HGH and boosting your metabolism for maximum fat burning effects. 

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I like Craig's products because his stuff is aimed at being lean and toned without adding excess mass....this is great for both men and women looking to maintain a slim "Hollywood" type physique.

A lot of the men and women you see on Youtube using kettlebells aren't very impresssive (in my opinion). The kettlebell is an amazing tool to get lean and ripped if you know what you are doing.

Craig's product is aimed at specifically using kettlebells to lose body fat. This is much different than most of the kettlebell programs on the market today.

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